Hydraulic Fracturing

The LIMEDATAVAN is the heart and soul of a well stimulation job site. With state-of-the-art electronics, network and cellular connectivity, the LIMEDATAVAN is your office away from the office. Designed to impress your customers with the finer attention to details, ensuring your customers have a productive work environment and achieve corporate goals while in the field performing jobs. Lime offers several standard sizes but also works with customer specified designs. LIMEDATAVAN electronics can be retrofitted to any existing data van and has become a popular option as customers standardize fleet controls.

  • Trailer-load size:
    • 42′ with 8′ slide out
  • Chassis-load sizes:
    • 26′ with 8′ slide out
    • 15′ no slide out
  • Display and control up to 20 pumps from the multi-pump station
  • 55” display capable of broadcasting up to four (4) screens on one display
  • Distributed processing ensures data and system control through redundancy
  • VSAT satellite and cell phone booster for improved on-site connectivity
  • Remote monitoring and technical support via satellite
  • DirecTV HDTV satellite receiver
  • Rugged controller with Real-Time support for deterministic control, logging, and analysis
  • Wellbore diagram displays real-time downhole data
  • Post job and graphical reports
  • Theater style customer seating
  • Cold weather, camera, and radio packages available
  • LIMEDMAT (Density Meter and Transmitter) drop in replacement for TN SGD transmitter and supports Berthold LB 6770
  • Seamlessly integrates with LIMEfrac pumps, hydration, blender, and chem add control systems