Houston-based global provider of leading-edge controls and instrumentation systems for the energy and industrial control markets. We offer a flexible hardware and software platform that can be configured and modified to meet the specific needs of the most challenging control applications. Our packaging of our platform is designed to meet your environmental needs ranging from factory floor to mobile equipment that experiences high temperature swings, vibrations, and shock. Backed by a service department that offers world-wide 24/7 phone, online, or in-field support, Lime Instruments can support your service needs in today’s competitive markets.

We study our customers’ needs in order to develop the right technology needed for their operational demands. The result is a state-of-the-art product tailor-made to tackle the harsh demands of any environment or industry. Then we build, install, commission, and service this equipment for customers all over the world. The Lime advantage is to give any organization the technological edge needed to compete with the biggest of their competitors within their industries.