Lime Electric Frac Design

A revolutionary electric design for frac equipment designed to reduce operating capital, increase stages per day, improve efficiency, and reduce on site personnel.

  • Pump design of 5,000 HHP per trailer (after deration) reduces footprint and traffic on location
  • A 5 MW permanent magnet turbine generator powers up to 5,000 HHP
  • Blender powers all backside equipment with on-board 1.2 MW generator

Lime’s electric frac design is years in the making and is designed to take advantage of the latest in equipment technology. This concept utilizes mobile natural gas fired turbine generators to supply power to motors driving frac pumps that produce 5,000 HHP per trailer after full deration. Each pump trailer contains two frac pumps that can run either in concert or independent of each other during service intervals. The blender contains its own 1.2 MW turbine that powers itself along with any additional backside process equipment necessary for a fully electric frac spread.

Running 100% on natural gas allows for up to 80% savings in fuel costs while reducing diesel fuel truck traffic to location. AC motors connect directly to pumps and remove transmissions on each unit leading to reduced maintenance on each unit. Utilizing the full suite of Lime’s advanced controls and data acquisition products means a completely connected smart wellsite.