Remote Communications

LIMELINK is a sister company to Lime Instruments that provides a full array of network and communication hardware solutions for remote mobile applications.

  • VSAT – full high bandwidth satellite
  • Asset Management – low bandwidth satellite
  • Asset Management/Remote Communication – high bandwidth cellular (AT&T, Verizon)


LIMELINK provides VSAT network solutions to allow communication with full local area network (LAN) capabilities and protocols to your offices, regardless of location. LIMELINK offers secure, reliable, networking solutions based on very small aperture terminal (VSAT) communications for land and sea. VSAT technologies ensure link security and reliability, with genuine end-to-end management and comprehensive customer support systems.

Depending on your communications requirements and the complexity of your network, we have an array of topology solutions that can be implemented. All solutions are based on a detailed requirement analysis and design process, such that your needs are met exactly.
LIMELINK not only offers a global connectivity, but also expertise in network design, implementation, and production. 24 x 7 x 365 technical customer service is available to maintain and optimize network operations. LIMELINK is unrivaled in its ability to provide all these elements, by itself or together with its business partners.

Internet of Things (IOT)

LIMELINK provides telemetry communications for asset management and monitoring. Using LOE satellite providers, cellular networks, VSAT or WiFi, we link field assets to aggregation points for collecting field data for analysis and maintenance. Our solutions enable customers to manage assets via our portal or an existing customer platform. From alerts and alarms to remote startup and shutoff, our IOT solutions can automate field tasks that previously required onsite interaction.

Enterprise Wireless

LIMELINK is a key provider of secure enterprise wireless solutions. Our wireless offering embraces mobility, security, and convergence, solving the problems of all three areas simultaneously while delivering dramatic economic savings over traditional fixed networks.

The mobile edge uses wireless networks, both for voice and data, wherever wireless can be used. Inside enterprise facilities, high-performance and highly-reliable wireless LANs are deployed to provide dense coverage. In homes, hotel rooms, other companies, and wherever Internet-connected Ethernet ports are available, portable wireless access points provide secure connectivity back to the nearest enterprise facility. Finally, at public wireless hotspots, client software provides a secure link to the nearest mobile edge location.

Managed Services

LIMELINK can provide managed service capabilities to enable end to end support at the desktop/server level to global WAN based connectivity to disperse geographic locations. As a systems integrator, LIMELINK specializes in finding a creative approach to enable service levels and fulfill operational business requirements through technology. As leading integrators in data and voice, we have a robust matrix based methodology to tailor client technology projects into dependable technology based solutions