Smart Pump

The single most costly maintenance item in frac operations is the frac pump fluid end. OEMs have spent tremendous amounts on R&D to design fluid ends that can withstand the abrasive properties of frac fluids being pumped at high rates and pressures. Even with all the advances in fluid end designs, an avoidable property of fluid dynamics, cavitation, remains the single most destructive event to a fluid end.

The LIMESMARTPUMP gives you an accurate measurement of suction rate to a frac pump so the fluid dynamics within the pump can be better predicted. With increased visibility of the pumps fluid flow, it is now possible to see cavitation building before its full destructive force is delivered to the internal metal components of the fluid end.

  • Accurate suction flow measurement at the frac pump
  • Pump efficiency display
  • Pump cavitation alarm notifications based on suction flow rate and calculated discharge rate
  • Helps reduce fluid end failures
  • Patent pending

Using an accurate measured suction flow rate helps determine the fluid dynamics within the pump and allows for improved cavitation detection, pump efficiency calculations, and overall pump health. The LIMESMARTPUMP will work with any pump vendor and can be integrated with any control system. The LIMESMARTPUMP information is made available to the pump operator in the data van and includes alarms and notifications so the operator can make informed operational decisions.