Web Portal

The LIMECLOUD web portal is a flexible web portal for any Lime based data system. LIMECLOUD is ideal for fleet performance and location monitoring and can aggregate data from an unlimited number of assets. Data dashboards can be easily set up to show real-time data in different ways for different people within your organization or for customers.

  • Aggregation of unlimited number of data sources
  • Web portal is accessible from any PC, tablet, or smart phone
  • Equipment data can be monitored and/or controlled from the web portal
  • Data dashboards can have multiple data tabs for the right amount of desired data
  • Alarms can be set up on incoming portal data
  • Notifications can be sent to specific people when certain alarms are active
  • Raw data is freely available for download and analysis
  • More efficient method to view operational data than traditional screen sharing technology

It is often important for corporate management and/or customers to view operational and/or equipment performance in real-time as jobs are being performed. LIMECLOUD gives you an efficient way to transmit the tremendous amount of data from the field to the cloud. Data dashboards can be created and shared with a large number of users in a flexible manner to give a standard look and feel to meet an organization’s marketing and corporate needs.

Assets can be grouped into systems and systems can be built on top of each other. This flexible configuration gives tremendous capabilities for the web portal to be applied to any industrial application. Configurable alarms and notifications allow you to put the correct piece of information in the hands of the correct personnel in real-time. Real-time asset health, custom reports, raw data access, cloud based formula engine, GPS location tracking, and easy administrative tools are just a few of the powerful features LIMECLOUD offers.