Frac Site Fluid Management System

The LIMESMARTMISSILE system combines precision measurement and control with ruggedized oilfield ready toughness. Lime’s Smart Missile system turns the manifold of a frac spread into a valuable data collection and control system that enables operators to run their equipment more efficiently by giving the operators an early warning on approaching failures. The LIMESMARTMISSILE system will give prognostics on flow and equipment conditions. Flow conditions such as cavitation, sand slugs, sanding off, iron failure, dead heading, etc… can be detected and alerts can be automatically sent to operators for corrective action. Pump efficiency will actively be tracked to help reduce pump maintenance cost and improve stage performance.

  • Flow measurement throughout the missile
  • Pump efficiency tracking – reduce pump maintenance cost and improve stage performance
  • Automated low pressure valve control
  • Shortened pump cable runs
  • Pump location identifier
  • Cavitation prevention
  • Reduction in proppant fallout
  • Ruggedized 15″ sunlight-viewable touchscreen display
  • Integration with LIMEmpc multi-pump control user interface
  • Stand-alone control user interface available
  • Patent pending